Tips for Purchasing a Gas Grill

It’s time to gear up for summer cookouts with friends and family. If you are in the market for a new grill this season, you’ll want to make sure you get the right one. Buying a gas grill can be a challenge with all the options out

Gas Grill Essentials

The gas grill, the more sophisticated counterpart to the charcoal grill, burns cleanly and evenly and provides precise temperature control. In fact, for the frequent griller, the gas grill can provide significant time savings over the charcoal grill; no messing with charcoal, no babysitting coals, and no

Best Meat Smoking Cookbooks

We know it can be intimidating when you first start out into the wonderful world of meat smoking. This is especially true if you don’t have anyone to bounce questions and ideas off of. With that in mind, we put together this list of some of the

This is why digital smoker thermometers are necessary! – Part 2

Another reader submitted image. This time, Mark, was comparing his new Maverick ET-733 to his smokers old analog thermometer. Look at that crazy difference! Mark, nice work with the ET-733, we rate it highly in our Digital Smoker Thermometer Review Chart! Remember, your smoke is only as good

This is why digital smoker thermometers are necessary! – Part 1

Take a look at this picture a SMaT reader sent us showing the difference between the stock thermometer that came with his smoker and a Cuisinart CSG-700 that he bought after doing some research here on SMaT. While calibrating his new, wireless thermometer, he realized just how far off

Handy Dandy Retail Beef Cuts Chart

Check out this handy chart. Always helpful to see the beef cuts in a little bit of context. Ignore those “Recommended Cooking Methods,” we all know that you can, and you should, smoke them all! Click image for the full size. We also found a similar image

Bayou Classic 5011 Seasoning Injector Review

The Bayou Classic 5011 is one of our favorite smokin’ tools. We love to load up our brisket, butts, and roasts with flavor before we toss them in the smoker. The 5011 Seasoning Injector is a mid-range flavor injector popular with a lot of today’s home smokers

BBQ Mop – What, Why, & How

If you’ve spent any time looking around for meat smoking or BBQ tips and recipes you’ve probably stumbled onto the term mop. You’ve probably seen it used as a verb, The meat should be mopped every 20 minutes during the last hour of the smoke and as a noun, This